San Domenico Songs and Lyrics

Welcome to the Upper School Musical music download site. All songs are numbered and match how they appear in the script. You may play the song from this page, you may click the download button next to the player to download the MP3, and you may download the pdf of the sheet music. For most songs, there are vocal versions and instrumental versions (marked with "INST"). The vocal versions include me and my singers performing the songs as they're to be sung, the instrumental versions are for your rehearsal.

Each song file ends with an underscore and a date to reflect its currency. So "_0102" means this version of the song was completed on January 2. When that date changes, it means I've updated the song. If you are an actor working on a song, you will probably be aware of updates as they occur.

0.1 This is Our Time SONG 1_0514Download
0.2 This is Our Time Song 2_0514Download
0.3 This is Our Time Song 3_515Download
0.4 This is our Time Song 4_0514Download
01.1 Not Everything SHOOT_0515Download
01.2 Band Riff_0219Download
01.3 Ragtime Piano INST_0126-1Download
01.4 Beautiful Dreamer FNL_0506Download
02.1 Gambare FNL MIX_0314Download
03.1 Fisherman's Song_0104Download
04.1 Ten Thousand Poems FNL_0503Download
07.0 Tang Zhou Humming click & guide_0501Download
07.1 Ten Thousand Reprise FNL_0503Download
07.1 Ten Thousand Reprise_0320DownloadLyrics - SCORE
07.1 Ten Thousean Reprise-click&guide_0503Download
08.1 Working Woman FNL_0507Download
09.1 Working Woman Piano_0325DownloadLyrics - Score
09.2 Chopin Prelude GUIDE_0325Download
11.1 Everyone is Welcome Here-FNL_0513Download
12.1 Farewell NEW MIX_0325Download
13.1 Gambare Reprise new end_0325Download
13.2 Good Old Summertime FNL_0401Download
14.1 The Beauty of Ming Yue Click&guide_0427Download
14.2 Tang Zhou Story Underscore_0227Download
14.4 Ming Yue Entrance_0221Download
15.1 Battle Rag FNL_0521Download
17.1 Pretty Baby INSTDownload
17.1 Pretty Baby INST_0219Download
17.1 Pretty Baby_0222DownloadLyrics - SCORE
20.1 About Love, Wesley Practice INST_0227Download
20.1 About Love, Wesley Practice_0227Download
20.2 About Love FINAL_0401Download
21.2 At Fifteen_0506DownloadLyrics - SCORE
21.3 At Fifteen Reprise FNL_0506Download
22.1 About Love, Reprise_0327Download
23.1 Doilies Underscore no VO_0326Download
23.1 Doilies Underscore w VO_0326Download
25.1 How Could They EMMA vocal_0416Download
26.1 There Are Angels for shoot_0514Download
China Camp_1119Download